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tomorrow im going to spain, yes, i said spain. omg! im so super excited. ah!! but on another note, im so incredibly lazy, its almost redic. ive been attempting to pack all day..yeah, i think ive got a single outfit completely done. way to go me. now just 5 more days of packing to go. im only going for a week, so i dont really need to bring my entire wardrobe, but i need to look good..its freakin EUROPE! pretty much fashion central. i hate just how incredibly vain and superficial i sounded there, im really not like that at all, but i do believe in looking put together. is that really so bad? plus, i want the photos to look good. i was going through my israel photos, where i was wearing sweats practically the entire time..the trip was amazing, the photos of me? not so much. so i want decent photos this time.

oh, another thing before i go back to being my slowly packing lazy self, i got a computer with a camera..score. ive wanted one for a while.

>>>thats me :)

but anyways, its half past midnight and i gotta get up at 8 tomorrow and im nowhere near finished.. so toodle-oo :)


Enjoy your time in Spain. I guess that you've been there about a month already.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

hope you have fun in spain! i went to madrid and barcelona a few years ago.amazing!

drop by my blog sometime x

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