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What exactly is the correct definition for the term "friends"? The show "Friends" was one of my favorites...they always seemed so happy, like they were all made for each other, one friend complemented the other... But life is so not like that. Goodness, why are people so 2-faced and lying to my face?

The summer before senior year. My final year with all my "close" friends, right before we all head onto our seperate roads, trying to find our seperate happiness. I wanted this summer to be one of the best...but turns out it'd be one of the worst. Oh, the irony. People Ive known for ages have turned against me.

Someone was crying, jealous of me when I had found my ex-boyfriend, even though at the time, I had no idea what the problem was, & I was trying to console them. For someone who used to always say that I was their 1st best friend, they found a boyfriend & at the drop of a pin, ditched all her friends for this guy. Ive got another friend whose "better 1/2" is jealous of me because Im best friends with her boyfriend. Grreat. WHY? Its not like we are in LOVE! Goodness.

& however could I forget to mention the 1 friend I would never have expected betrayal from? The one friend I always thought would be by my side through thick & thin? The 1 who was supposed to be the strong 1, the protector. So what happens? When someone threatens him & my other friends as well, he sprints away. Not even telling us he's going. Thanks. A lot. To be honest, I kinda actually wanted something to happen to us, in the middle of those woods...just so that when the news got to him, he'd know he was responsible for not helping us.

Maybe thats why Ive always thought that the characters on "Friends" were made for each other. They WERE made for each other. By the script writers. Isnt that just depressing, then?

i suppose i should tell about myself....

~well, im a 16 year old girl.
~i was born in Kiev, Ukraine, but now i live in Wisconsin.
~i am very shy, until people really get to know me.
~my attention span can be quite short sometimes.
~i fall in love easily. & thats why i usually get hurt.
~when i fall in love, its only with 1 person & 1 person only.
~i have a difficult time getting over people.
~i like going online because i can meet so many new, interesting people, and talk to people from Ukraine.
~i dont like it when people judge me just by my nationality or the fact that i can speak different languages.
~i wish people would realize that we're all the same.
~HATE isnt in my vocabulary.
~i dont like people that are self-centered and full of themselves, guys like that turn me off, especially.
~i dont like to be classified as one thing or another.
~i believe in true love.
~i love my ipod because music is amazing.
~not a day goes by that i dont remember Ukraine.
~i tend to dwell on the past a lot.
~i question many things.
~i dont like conformity.
~i dont like it when people diss something because it got "too popular". honestly, i dont understand what popularity has to do with their likes & dislikes.
~i love animals.
~my dream is helping people & changing something for the better in this world.
~i believe in karma because what goes around comes around.
~i believe in God.
~my Mom & my Grandma are the 2 people i love the most.
~my friends are the best. ~i dont really like instant messengers because its difficult to understand emotions, sarcasm, etc. ~i read my horoscope almost daily. sometimes its true.
~i will spend months, if not years, crying over a guy who doesnt want me, when a guy who loves me is standing right in front of me.
~im very opinionated.
~i love psychology. it can open up so many new doors.
~i can become overly obsessed with 1 subject.
~i eat sunflower seeds daily.
~pink is my favorite color.
~i like heels, lipgloss, and skirts...im a girlie girl.
~i sing even though i know i cant.
~i can be quite lazy sometimes.
~i have a fear of death & rejection.
~im the type of girl who smiles to brighten someone else's day, even though i might be crying inside.
~ive been hurt unmeasurable times. ~i dont like people who lie to get other's attention.
~i dont like people who hide who they truly are just to become popular.
~i am me.

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