.because the world is an exquisite place.

i suppose i should tell about myself....

~well, im a 16 year old girl.
~i was born in Kiev, Ukraine, but now i live in Wisconsin.
~i am very shy, until people really get to know me.
~my attention span can be quite short sometimes.
~i fall in love easily. & thats why i usually get hurt.
~when i fall in love, its only with 1 person & 1 person only.
~i have a difficult time getting over people.
~i like going online because i can meet so many new, interesting people, and talk to people from Ukraine.
~i dont like it when people judge me just by my nationality or the fact that i can speak different languages.
~i wish people would realize that we're all the same.
~HATE isnt in my vocabulary.
~i dont like people that are self-centered and full of themselves, guys like that turn me off, especially.
~i dont like to be classified as one thing or another.
~i believe in true love.
~i love my ipod because music is amazing.
~not a day goes by that i dont remember Ukraine.
~i tend to dwell on the past a lot.
~i question many things.
~i dont like conformity.
~i dont like it when people diss something because it got "too popular". honestly, i dont understand what popularity has to do with their likes & dislikes.
~i love animals.
~my dream is helping people & changing something for the better in this world.
~i believe in karma because what goes around comes around.
~i believe in God.
~my Mom & my Grandma are the 2 people i love the most.
~my friends are the best. ~i dont really like instant messengers because its difficult to understand emotions, sarcasm, etc. ~i read my horoscope almost daily. sometimes its true.
~i will spend months, if not years, crying over a guy who doesnt want me, when a guy who loves me is standing right in front of me.
~im very opinionated.
~i love psychology. it can open up so many new doors.
~i can become overly obsessed with 1 subject.
~i eat sunflower seeds daily.
~pink is my favorite color.
~i like heels, lipgloss, and skirts...im a girlie girl.
~i sing even though i know i cant.
~i can be quite lazy sometimes.
~i have a fear of death & rejection.
~im the type of girl who smiles to brighten someone else's day, even though i might be crying inside.
~ive been hurt unmeasurable times. ~i dont like people who lie to get other's attention.
~i dont like people who hide who they truly are just to become popular.
~i am me.


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