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tomorrow im going to spain, yes, i said spain. omg! im so super excited. ah!! but on another note, im so incredibly lazy, its almost redic. ive been attempting to pack all day..yeah, i think ive got a single outfit completely done. way to go me. now just 5 more days of packing to go. im only going for a week, so i dont really need to bring my entire wardrobe, but i need to look good..its freakin EUROPE! pretty much fashion central. i hate just how incredibly vain and superficial i sounded there, im really not like that at all, but i do believe in looking put together. is that really so bad? plus, i want the photos to look good. i was going through my israel photos, where i was wearing sweats practically the entire time..the trip was amazing, the photos of me? not so much. so i want decent photos this time.

oh, another thing before i go back to being my slowly packing lazy self, i got a computer with a camera..score. ive wanted one for a while.

>>>thats me :)

but anyways, its half past midnight and i gotta get up at 8 tomorrow and im nowhere near finished.. so toodle-oo :)

LOOOONG work day tomorrow.. 8 whole hours on my feet.. i hate walgreens for a reason. which is exactly why i should be asleep right now..ive got a total of 6 hrs to sleep, that is, if i went to bed now, which is clearly what im not gonna be doing. thing is, im a huge "friends" freak.. & theres an episode on at 12:30.. oh yes, i am just that big of a loser.

well, the real reason why i decided to not sleep right now is because i was up doing a little bit of research on this recent gym shooting in pennsylvania. thats what happens when im home on a friday night..& bored..& trying to keep from going to sleep, like i should be. but anyways. is it strange that i actually feel bad for the shooter, george sodini? he was 48 years old..& according to his blog, he hadn't had a girlfriend since 1984 & hadn't had sex since 1990, when he was 29. in fact, his main reason for being so hateful of women is that he simply couldnt get one. i just dont understand. he was an attractive guy, especially for his age, he worked out, it seemed like he had his life in order..so what exactly set him off? he clearly bashed his mother, calling her "The Boss", and actually asking why people are so vicious to the people closest to them.. so typical psychological case, male angry at his mother, so he tranfers it to all women.. right? but he actually wanted to be with someone, he was just lonely.. i dont know, i just feel bad for him. it mustve been so hard to be alone for 20ish years.. i am NOT, by ANY means, condoning his actions. DO NOT get the wrong idea. i just think that perhaps there is something a little lonely about his existence..i just wonder, in all his 48 years, was he ever truly happy? did he ever feel truly loved? hmm..just something to think about..

on another note, the "friends" episode tonight is about how monica is dating a great guy, rich, attractive, great personality, and yet, she simply isnt attracted to him. which is another great question ive pondered ever since i knew what liking someone was.. but its getting late, i wanna finish watching this episode, and i have to get up at 6:30 tomorrow morning!..its already almost 1am. dangit. another exhausting 8hrs of standing & falling asleep at walgreens awaits me tomorrow. wonderful.

recently, i've gotten really into reading different blogs. what i never realized is that you can find out so much about life from other people. in fact, blogs are pretty much like the greatest advice, commentary and whatever else you can think of, all in one convenient place. it's freedom of speech at it's very finest. which cannot make me happier.

did i ever mention that im quite possibly the most opinionated person on the planet? seriously, arguing & proving my point is like my lifes goal. of course, i do NOT, by any means, mean that i love to coerce people into believing what i believe, although if that happens to be the case, i'll be more than happy. i just like to show people my side of thinking. so what better way to express my dislike, adoration, disgust, or just opinion in general than right on here? ah, my life is now complete.

but back to the topic. im lazy. and for those that truly know me, that's not news in the least bit. i get super excited about an idea or a project...& then the excitement dies down after a little bit & i go back to not doing anything about it & forgetting it completely. sad, right? right. i always have unfinished business... like this blog for example..i started it in..oh, 2005?! yeah, i kinda left it to simmer for about 4 YEARS! ah, my laziness annoys even me, i can't imagine how my mom feels about it..although i guess i can, since she yells at me to clean my room practically every hour on the hour. oh. another thing i forgot to mention, i go off on tangents, quite a bit. so when i do, just bear with me.

anyyyways. sheesh, i dont even know where to start. ok, well, first off, to those of you bloggers who dont like, or rather, appreciate, when other bloggers dont use punctuation or dont capitalize, i apologize in advance. but like ive stated before, im lazy. sometimes, if i feel like it, i will add the apostrophe to the " i'll ", but sometimes, ill just write like that. :) it takes too long, and frankly, as long as you readers get my meaning, its fine with me. dont worry, i wont torture you WiTh WrItInG lIkE tHiS, because, honestly, i cant imagine how people type like that..it must be a skill, since it takes me about 10 times longer to type stuff up. so otherwise, i hope everything is to your taste.

perhaps i should start out by talking about myself..since the last time i did that was when i was a little high school sophmore.. & of course, i dont have to explain that a whole lot has changed since then. but id really rather not waste my time with stating, in random statements, as i seemed to do in my post on..what was it..2007? short little bursts of words dont define me, & they sure as hell dont even come close to explaining just who i am, so ill save myself the finger cramps & you the bloodshot eyes from staring at the screen too long, trying to read it. arent i just the sweetest? :)

well, i guess a short little intro wouldnt hurt. im a sophomore in college {..wow. i just wrote that & even im stunned..im getting old!} and im just your average, 5'1", spunky ukrainian, with simply too many opinions. i have an opinion about practically everything, so what better way to share it? :P hmmm..thats about all i can think of about myself, just a student, trying to figure out just what the heck it is that i wanna do with my life, all while trying to juggle full-time classes, an almost full-time job, family, friends, and my own sanity. all in all, im just your average girl-next-door.

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